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RoundTable Healthcare Partners was founded in 2001 and is based in Lake Forest, Illinois. We have a unique combination of operating and transaction professionals who have worked together for more than 20 years, and have over 200 years of collective healthcare experience in medical products, devices, pharmaceuticals, and distribution.

RoundTable currently manages five funds, representing $1.9 billion of committed capital; three equity funds totaling $1.5 billion and two subordinated debt funds totaling $400 million.  Our first equity fund of $400 million was raised in 2001–2002.  RoundTable made seven platform investments from Fund I in approximately three years.  Our second equity fund of $500 million was raised in March 2005.  RoundTable invested in six platform investments in Fund II over a period of approximately five and a half years.  RoundTable raised its third, $600 million equity fund in July 2010. RoundTable Capital Partners, our $200 million subordinated debt fund, was raised in July 2006. RoundTable raised our second $200 million subordinated debt fund, RoundTable Capital Partners II, in July 2010.